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Solar lighting Systems

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Name Vikram Solar
Sector Renewable Energy
Sub-sector Solar

Why is it Green
  • Associated with Renewable Energy
  • Clean, Environment Friendly
  • Supports Sustainability


Harnessing the sun’s energy to light up homes and power other domestic applications, Vikram Solar offers compact Solar Lighting Systems that are a low-cost and energy efficient alternative to conventionally powered home lighting facilities. These Lighting Systems are reliable and durable, providing excellent quality power supply without the hassle of grid-failure and frequent maintenance.


Ideal for application in areas where there is no local connection to grid electricity or regions that experience interrupted power supply, Vikram Solar’s highly efficient Solar Home Lighting Systems have been touching the lives of millions across the globe.



·         Packaged 12 V systems contain Module, Battery, high Efficiency Electronics and Luminaires

·         Ready-to-use kit is easy to install, easy to use, and requires negligible maintenance

·         Works for 3-5 days even when there’s no sunshine

·         Available in a wide range of models



·         Homes

·         Hospitals

·         Offices

·         Stores

·         Banks

·         Community Halls

·         Educational Institutions

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