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OxyHydrogen Welding Machine

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Name HyEnergy Technologies
Sector Renewable Energy
Sub-sector Solar

Why is it Green
  • Associated with Renewable Energy
  • Clean, Environment Friendly
  • Energy Efficient


AquaWelder Welding Torch runs on water and electricity only! It produces a stable hydrogen-oxygen gas, with many unique properties. The generator provides a superior gas for most conventional brazing, soldering and metal cutting operations.


?Super 7 Benefits of "AquaWelder"? Welding Torch:

1)  Economy: It's less expensive than acetylene in gas costs.

2)  Operational Safety: HHO Gas is light and dissipates rapidly into the atmosphere compared to acetylene, which is dense and seeks ground level.

3)  Environmentally Friendly: HHO Gas produces zero pollution when burning, while hydrocarbon-based fuel gases pollute the environment.

4)  New Applications: AquaWelder can be use  for exotic cutting, brazing, and fusing applications as well as glass treatment and blowing applications that cannot be performed by conventional methods and processes. ?

5)  It’s Faster - Energy directed, not dispersed – Implosion Pinpoint flame cutting is precise and quick without slag, edge rollover  

6)  It’s Cleaner - It burns cleaner than fossil fuel and emits steam only. No toxic fumes and zero emissions of carbon based emissions.?  Hence, Healthier Working Environment. ?

7)  It’s Convenient - No Cylinder, No Transportation needed. On site production of HHO gas and just plug in to the existing gas line of torch and burner?.?


Other Applications of AquaWelder:

?1.   Gold and silver jewelry welding and sealing

2.   Welding, enameled wire, computer wire peeling, welding LED wafer, flame-treating circuit board of Electronic Industry. 

3.   Thermoelectric couple and platinum resistor leading wires welding

4.   Instrument welding

5.   Air-condition copper pipe welding

6.   Welding metal fittings and mending sand holes in dentistry, no-carbon flame disinfection

7.   Glass Process 

8.   Water Fuel for Industrial Boiler, 

9.   Heating Furnace, Incinerator 

10. Melting Furnace, Melting Furnace

11. BTU increase of fossil power plant 

12. Fuel for Engine and prime mover??

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