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PV Modules

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Company Details

Name Vikram Solar
Sector Renewable Energy
Sub-sector Solar

Why is it Green
  • Associated with Renewable Energy
  • Clean, Environment Friendly
  • Supports Sustainability


Since 2009 we have been producing high-efficiency mono and polycrystalline silicon PV modules in our production facility close to Kolkata, India. With our state-of-art manufacturing equipment from leading equipment suppliers, robust in-house processes and systems to drive manufacturing excellence and a global supply chain and sales and distribution network, we are the preferred choice for products and services with “Made in India” brand at global scale.


Our PV modules are known for the following features –

·         Bloomberg Tier 1

·         Positive power output tolerance (+5 Wp)

·         Excellent low light response

·         Product warranty of up to 12 years (on Eldora Ultima)

·         Industry leading third party validation results

·         Our current annual module production capacity of 200 MW is being ramped up to 500 MW by September 2015 and will be further expanded to 1.2 GW by 2018


PV Modules Range


72 Poly cells:

·         Eldora Grand Ultima Silver

·         Eldora Grand


60 Poly Cells:

·         Eldora Ultima Silver

·         Eldora Ultima All Black

·         Eldora Prime

·         Eldora neo Silver


36/18 Poly Cells:

·         Eldora Micro

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